Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How To Protect Your Car From Stone Chips With Xpel Clear Bra

There are three things that are certain in life – death, taxes and getting a dent on your car. Even being hugely careful, you might find it really difficult to keep your car in perfect condition. Some people might feel that keeping a car is a huge liability as you need to constantly keep it sparkle and shine, which is quite easy if you have the necessary tools with you.

Most people either go for a paint job or become satisfied with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film. Known under the brand name Clear Bra the PPF is coated on the painted surface of vehicles to secure the paint from stone chips, small abrasions, and bug splatters. This is created from a thermoplastic urethane film and has a vast amount of additional usages besides cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, cell phones, electronics, airplanes, RVS, etc.

Is Xpel Clear Bra Really Good?

One of the commonest and most famous Clear Bra is the Xpel Clear Bra and virtually supports all kinds of cars. Even though Clear Bra are installed on various kinds of components of trucks and cars which directly come out of the factories, still when it comes to Clear Bra paint protection film like the Xpel Clear Bra, this is often installed by certified and experienced professionals because of the extensive challenges present in the installation process.

The major function of a Clear Bra like Xpel Clear Bra is to secure the vehicle from potential damages and elements from road debris such as paint scuffs, rock chips, vandalism and even scratches. Commonly, the paint protection is installed on the hood, front bumpers, even side mirrors on trucks, SUV and even cars. Now for a whole package protection, you can use the Xpel Clear Bra on the whole vehicle so that you can provide maximum and huge protection.

Why Is It Necessary To Use Xpel Clear Bra?

As stated previously, a Xpel Clear Bra is nothing but a plastic wrap which is used or pasted on the often and commonly damaged areas of your car like side mirror, lower fascia, rocker panels, and even on those surfaces which are facing the bottom or front of the vehicle.

Now the major usage of the clear bra like Xpel Clear Bar is to secure the outer region of the car from various factors like debris found on the road which is potentially harmful and can sometimes lead to a small chip or scratch on your paintwork.

However, such treatment is not commonly done on the average cars as it requires you to churn out some extra cash ranging from $850-$3000 which simply depends on the number of panels that you want to get done with your car. The extensive advantage of using Xpel Clear Bar is that it secures your paint for a long time and is rarely visible to the human eye. And most interestingly, while you are driving your Camry Limited or Carrera 4, you can be quite confident to, you don’t need to deal with a various array of rock chips that often gets chipped on the bumper when you are traveling. 


Unlike other vehicular products for securing the hood and side windows is great. But nothing can give the extensive quality and brand name like Xpel Clear Bra. So, go ahead and check out this product.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Use 3m Protective Film to Save your Car from Damage


It’s been a while since you purchased your new car and chances are that you’re already starting to notice some marks on the surface. No matter how much you take care of your vehicle it would still be prone to the possible damage to the outer environment. Thus to maintain adequate protection you need to prepare yourself with the best possible measures for your car. There are a number of ways to protect your vehicle from dust, scratches, and dents. A unique and efficient way is to use a 3m protection film as it would be among the best ways for preserving the showroom quality finish of vehicles. The film, which is virtually not possible to see would provide your vehicle with a completely new look.
The coating on your vehicle wouldn’t affect its features, color, and design in any manner. It safeguards vulnerable areas like side mirrors, hoods, front bumpers, rear fender panels and rocker panels. This preserves the overall vehicle finish through xpel paint protection film (PPF) and keeps your vehicle looking new for much longer.
Protection areas for the vehicle with 3m layer:
You can easily cover all parts of your vehicle with the xpel Raleigh paint safety film and can safeguard it from chips, stains, scratches and various other damage elements. Generally the film in used on in certain damage prone areas of the vehicle like:
  • Rocker panels that are prone to damage through stones and sand kicked through tires
  • Bumps, mirror backs, and hoods that catch dirt through tar, bug acids and gravel on the terrain
  • Roofs, hoods and trunks from tree sap and bird droppings
  • Door edges and door handle cavities through keys, purses, rings and belt buckles
What do you get with the film?
For preserving the beauty and finished the new look of the vehicle there wouldn’t be any better solution than 3m films to look at. You can avail a number of benefits with the professional coating and protection through 3m films.
  • Being a cost efficient film for paint protection the film provides more than 60” covering for your entire hood.
  • Get assured safety for your vehicle with the OEM approved protection vehicle film from 3m.
  • With the advanced self-healing technology through paint protection film, you can easily make all vehicle marks disappear on the go.
Why go for 3m films?
Being a trusted name in the vehicle protection and safety, 3m films Is the most recommended choice from global car manufacturers and NASCAR race teams from around the world. A long line of features exists for the 3m paint being the most preferred film for vehicle safety
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Great durability features
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy and safe removal process
  • The film doesn’t damage fully cured finishes
  • Ideal for protection of leased vehicles
  • Official licensed vehicle protection partner for NASCAR cars
With excellent levels, durability and exceptional quality finish, you can easily make it amongst the clearest appearing safety films and isn’t easy to notice on your vehicle. The superior resistance technology on car paint protection film protects it from cracking and yellowing while ensuring that there isn’t change in the design, color and other important features of the vehicle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Facts To Consider When Changing Car Paint Protection Film

Makeover of a car with car paint protection film by changing paint is always soothing. It can be done either by yourself or by professionals. There are a few facts which should be considered before changing car paint. i.e.
  • Find Suitable Place
This work needs good ventilation dust free environment, good lighting and electricity. Home garages are not suitable for it as this process requires lots of room. Presence of water heaters can cause ignition of paint fumes during paint.
  • Accumulation Of Material Required
Paint, painting equipments, safety   equipment, sanding and polishing tools, etc.
  • Prepare for Car Paint Protection Film
Rust and dust are removed from the surface. Dents are meant. Any plastic covering is taken off. If it is difficult to remove, there are tools available in the market for removing such covering.
  • Next Step Towards Car Preparation for Painting
Sand the car paint to original primer or to the bare metal so that new paint can adhere to. Apply primer all over metal surface.
  • Thorough Cleaning of Car
Clean the surface of the car thoroughly by mineral spirit or denatured alcohol. Make sure no oil speck is left on the surface.
  • Proper Covering of Car
Expose only that area that is to be painted and cover the rest of the area with cover and masking tape, as window, door handles, window trims, glass, etc.
Masking tape should be hole free otherwise it will allow the paint to get through.
  • Smooth Primered Surface
To smooth paint run, we smother the primer coat carefully enough to not expose the metal surface again.  Now clean the surface again and remove dust and oil drops left during priming.
  • Painting The Car
Spray the finished painting on the car. Avoid making the paint too thin, it will reduce gloss.
  • Let the Paint Dry
Use of catalyst in paint makes the paint dry to touch in less than 24 hours though full care is taken as long as 7 days. The Car is kept in a dust free environment.
  • Finishing Touch
Send final coat of pain until it is perfectly smooth by using 1200 or finer grit wet sandpaper. For higher glossy look, clear coat of pain can be applied. Using 1500 grit wet sandpaper remove small runs, and miner imperfections.
  • At Last
Polish is done to bring out a gloss. This can be done by hand or by buffing machines or by power polishers. Better accomplishment is achieved by hand. Power polisher and buffing machines make the job easier. These machines are used with care otherwise they can ruin the paint. For better results buff the edges by hands.

The new color will provide a complete new look to your car, but changing color is an expensive affair. It may cost $1500 to $5000.Low quality work can be done in just $400. But high quality work long lasts, so before opting new look of your car by changing paint check your budget as well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Custom Wrap or Graphic Can Add Style to Any Car

There are several advantages to adding wraps, decals, or graphics to a car. It is a well known fact that every folks love their cars whether they are new or old. The folks always seeking for methods to enhance how they sound, perform, and look. This type of graphic may be bold which add a new look or they may be subtle accents in order to finish off a look.
Before having your car customized, you don't need to find a professional every time. Several companies have custom car wraps which are ready to go.

Easy to install
The custom graphics are hassle-free to install on the car. You just require your graphic, a clean surface, and something hard, in order to assist squeeze out air bubbles. The new custom graphic will completely give a new look to your car.

Custom graphics is very latest trend which will be utilized effectively in order to promote and market your business. This process may easily change your old car into a cost- effective tool to increase the visibility of the business. By utilizing the custom graphics or wraps, you are able to easily wrap up the vehicle with all the graphics associated with your organization or business and let the people know about it. Custom Window and custom car wraps can be more expensive than normal graphics. If you would like to add more design, of course the price will be increased. However, it will less costly than paint. In order to customize your car, you have several options. The vinyl car graphics will be perfect for your car. The flexibility presented by wraps and decals will make sure you turn heads anywhere you go, and all without emptying your wallet or headache.

The list of custom car wraps is not limited. Every car owner has their own objectives and different style when adding decals or graphics to a car. Obviously, the wraps may be designed to catch attention to a business. Many vehicle owners are seeking for a way to discover more subtle methods to improve the look of the car. There can be strips that wrap around the automobile’s sides, go over the entire vehicle, or are on the hood. You can make a custom designed graphic for car. It can be in any color in order to get it perfect for every vehicle.

What is the Process of Designing graphics?
  • You can select a Template
  • After that, choose a Background
  • Then, you may Add Additional Design Element
  • Verify Your Car Wrap
With the custom car wrap or graphic, you are able to protect the car from any abrasions, scratches or stone chips which can occur. Enhancing the look and appearance of a car is simple way of common reasons for including a custom wrap or graphic.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Should I Get Protective Film On My Cars New Hood?

If you want your car to look new as if it is just brought out of the factory and also save those extra bucks for repainting, a car paint protection film is something you need to cover your car with. 

 After so much of the effort that you put in managing to buy a car of your choice, of what good will it be if it is not properly safeguarded from stone chips? With only your car paint on, no surety can be given that it would stay protected. Your brand new car may look old within a few months. Spending a good amount of money on paint will be a wrong decision which you will soon regret. After a certain period of time, you will again find patchiness, spots and scratches on it. Your car should look brand new every time you drive it. You shouldn’t be worried about people pin pointing the scratches or marks on your dear car. To take your smart car out boldly without any awkwardness about people’s negative comments it is highly recommended to use a protective film on your car and especially on the hood. There are high chances of your car’s hood getting spoilt in no time because some small stone pellets on the road might jump up from nowhere and make the hood look messy. 

These days, automobile manufacturers are starting coating the hood, the rear section of the car, the car door area and the frontal section of the car with the transparent protective film. This will shield your car from the likely damage caused by any pointed elements. It is similar to how you protect your touch screen mobile from scratches by putting a scratch guard.

XPel paint protection film can be used which acts like an obstacle between your car paint and the external harmful elements. A paint protection film enhances the life of your car and also prevents it from the dust and the harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun.

Customer reviews have been very positive about this product. It seems like an assurance given to you that your car is in safe hands. One can drive with ease without having to worry about any external damage. Some still wonder about the effectiveness of this product. For them my only honest suggestion would be to try it first to believe it. Users recommend seeing samples of finished work before jumping into any brand. That helps you gauge how good the protective film will look on your car.

Another common question that pops up in your mind is if the film needs to be changed; will the removal process tarnish the car paint? The answer is ‘no’. The Xpel paint protection film is made in such a way that the sticky portion that touches your car doesn’t pull out the paint. This protection film is very durable and goes on for several years without having to replace it. It protects the vehicle not only from stone chips but also from fender benders and other types of scratches.

The choice is yours now.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Car From Sun Damage

Just like exposure to the sun can damage our skin, in the same way, your car can also be damaged by the sun’s heat. Parking your car in the sun can be very damaging and can cause an external temperature rise of around 200 degrees while the heat in the car’s interior can go up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The car’s life can decline badly if you continue to expose it to heat all the time. After all it is our duty and responsibility to safeguard it after spending a good deal of money to own it.

Try These 10 Simple Techniques To Shield Your Car From The Scorching Heat Of The Sun:

  • Fluid Level Checks:
You need to keep an eye on the coolant, transmission fluid and oil of your car, otherwise suboptimal levels coupled with the burning heat of the sun would be sufficient to damage your car.

  • Battery Checks During The Summer:
Excess heat can add pressure on the battery of your car which in turn results in your car not starting. In order to prevent such unpleasant situations, especially when you are in a hurry, it is advisable to have your car battery tested either once or twice during summers.

  • Air Filters Check:
Your car’s air filters are designed to filter out impurities. During summer, due to the heat and wind, the quantity of dust and debris collected in the filters increases and this might clog your car. Therefore, it is better to clean up the air filters.

  • Cover Your Front And Rear Dashes With Reflectorized Sun Panels:
This may seem like a task to you, but believe me, it works exceedingly well in protecting your car from sun damage. It reduces the inside temperature of the car and protects the interiors from the bleaching effect of the sun. Your car gets a longer life this way.
  • Get The Tire Pressure Checks Done Every Month:
In order to avoid accidents due to tire bursts, one of your top priorities must be to get your tires checked as excess heat and air trapped inside the rubber tyre can be a deadly combination. 

  • Park Smartly:
If you have a choice between parking your car in the sun or in the shade, park your car, preferably under the tree or a roof as it is cooler there.

  • Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean:
Make sure to thoroughly clean the inside of your car with suitable car cleaners as dust coupled with the sun’s heat can be damaging.

  •  Wash And Dry Your Car Regularly:
Keeping your car clean will again help in protecting it from the sun damage.

  • Always Use OProtective Wax:
Wax your car once or twice a year in order to protect the exterior paint.

Now-a-days, we get car paint protection films in the market. This enhances your car’s value in case you think of selling it in the near future.

These tips to safeguard your car are sure to save a lot of your money.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Xpel Clear Bra Kits For Your Car To Protect The Paint

Paint protection film is vital for the protection of car from the damage happen on roads. It is designed in such a way in order to save cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and many other vehicles from any chips, wreckage, scrape and many more. The films of Xpel clear bra car will be applied for few important parts of car like

  • Bumpers
  • Hoods
  • Luggage areas
  • Side mirrors
  • Doors
  • Fenders
  • Covers of headlights
  • Rocker panels
  • Grills
  • Top of the vehicles

If you want to buy Xpel Clear Bra Kits for your car to protect the Paint. Here is the full list.

  1. XPEL Ultimate
  2. XPEL Stealth
  3. XPEL Tracwrap
  4. XPEL Xtreme
  5. XPEL Armor

1. XPEL Ultimate

After a year of use, the conventional paint protection film may show yellowing and scars. The XPEL ULTIMATE’s special clear coat prevents the film from discoloring because of UV radiation and contamination. And it also heals itself from light scratches and swirl marks that can happen through daily driving and drying or normal washing.
Contaminants such as road tar, sap, bird droppings and bug splatter wipe off XPEL Ultimate’s amazing slick surface with a cloth while light scratches and scuffs in the surface of the film disappear quickly in the warmth of your garage or the heat of the sun. This kit also arrives with ten-year warranty against

  • Hazing
  • Cracking
  • yellowing
  • Discoloration
  • Peeling

2. XPEL Stealth

In the showroom condition, this protection kit comes with a satin finish which preserves the matte paint. It prevents damage from bug acids and road debris. With it, you can easily dry and wash your car without any kind of luster finish fear. With the use of it, light scratches and swirl marks can be disappeared in the warmth of your garage or in the sun.

3. XPEL Tracwrap

With this clear bra paint protection film, you get a high-quality barrier from bug splatter, road debris, rock chips and in an easy-to-install, affordable package.
During a weekend, whether you’re just taking a road trip or protecting a vintage race car, it provides good protection that goes on in 50 minutes from an easy-to-carry roll, convenient. It comes in lots of sizes in order to suit virtually any application.

4. XPEL Xtreme

Many times you would like nothing between you and your car’s finish.
This film is the nearest you may obtain without going “naked.” The thinnest and clearest protective film provides the peace of mind which arrives from a protective barrier that protects against road debris and environmental pollutants in an invisible package.

5. XPEL Armor

This high quality clear bra paint protection film offers the strongest, thickest protective barrier in XPEL lineup—ideal for off-road, industrial, and commercial vehicles. It can safeguard against 

  • Gravel strikes
  • Scuffs
  • Scrapes
  • Scratches
  • And other hazards